Discussion Forums 2022

As we begin the final stage of preparation for the ICMT conference in May 2022, the International Consortium on Manual Therapies (ICMT) is holding profession-specific discussion forums.

These interactive roundtable discussions are for our attendees (and potential attendees) to learn about and gather their input/critique on topic areas we have been preparing for the conference. 

These discussions topics include the classification of techniques performed by each profession and their underlying proposed mechanisms of action.

The discussion forums will take place via Zoom on the following schedule.

ProfessionDateTime (EST)Time (CET)
Structural Integration2022.January.301300 – 15001900 – 2100
Massage Therapy2022.January.311900 – 22000000 – 0400 (2022.Feb.01)
Physical Therapy2022.February.082000 – 22000200 – 0400 (2022.Feb.09)
Osteopathic2022.February.121100 – 13001700 – 1900
Chiropractic2022.February.161930 – 21300130 – 0330 (2022.Feb.17)
Structural Integration (part 2)2022.March.201300 – 15001900 – 2100

Here is a link (https://forms.gle/1HuBnwdRTpUBdVnr6) where you can sign-up to attend one (or more) of the discussion forums!

We hope to see you there!

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