Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Dr. Med., Ph.D. Keynote Speaker for ICMT Conference 2022

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(Kirksville, MO) Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Dr. Med., Ph.D. Founder & Director, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI), Professor, Department of Health Science and Technology, School of Medicine, Aalborg University, Denmark. Past President, International Association for the Study of Pain, confirmed as a keynote speaker for the International Consortium of Manual Therapies (ICMT) Conference 2022. Dr. Arendt-Nielsen will be speaking on the “Experience of sustained collaboration – why stepping outside of silos is important in science and patient care.”

Dr. Arendt-Nielsen has been engaging in pain research, pain education, and pain policy for more than 30 years and has worked at various institutions around the world. He has published more than 910 peer-reviewed papers on translational, experimental, and clinical pain research, focusing on the development and application of human, quantitative, mechanistic pain biomarkers in 1) human experimental pain studies, 2) clinical pain studies (specifically musculoskeletal and visceral pain conditions) and 3) in studies profiling pain management procedures and new drugs under development.

Researchers in manual therapies will join together in May of 2022, for the inaugural International Consortium on Manual Therapies (ICMT) Conference. The ICMT is an organization of assembled international leaders dedicated to advancing the quality of patient and client care provided by practitioners of manual therapy through scientific collaboration. The ICMT working groups draw from the basic sciences, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathic, physical therapy and structural integration professions bringing modern clinician viewpoints together with scientific research foundations. The ICMT Conference 2022, hosted by the A.T. Still Research Institute, a division of A.T. Still University, is a conference held globally via an interactive web platform. The Conference program will actively engage attendees to help shape the future of collaboration and research in manual therapies.


(2022.01.10 – corrected venue location and dates for the conference.)

The International Consortium on Manual Therapies (ICMT)
A.T. Still Research Institute
A.T. Still University
Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI)
Aalborg University
International Association for the Study of Pain
Dr. Arendt-Nielsen’s full profile on Aalborg University’s web portal.

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